How he saved lost season

How he saved lost season

You see him on the Golden State Warriors’ bench, in stylish street clothes, stuck in limbo between his former life as a star player and whatever comes next.

He might even be viewed with sympathy, the old warhorse too battered by 18 NBA seasons to suit up, but still on the payroll, hanging around.

Look closer, though, and you see an unusual fellow who has turned a lost season into an opportunity to teach his teammates what basketball is about.

Iguodala, 38, missed 51 regular-season games with knee, hip and back issues. He sat out the past 12 playoff games with a cervical disk injury. The Warriors aren’t getting what they hoped for when they signed Iguodala last August as a low-priced free agent. They’re getting way more.

“Andre’s been just a huge factor,” head coach Steve Kerr said. “He’s basically an assistant coach, but one who has the ear of the players and the respect that comes from having a phenomenal Hall of Fame career, and being a Finals MVP, Olympic gold medalist, and a guy who’s played against every player on the Mavericks. His wisdom from him, you ca n’t really quantify it. So even with his injury to him, I just feel like Andre has been crucial for us.

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